Circle Lens – My opinion on Pinky Paradise / Black Friday Sales

Hey guys,

Pinky Paradise is a circle lenses store that has been opened for years now. I have ordered from them quite a few times and have always been delivered in approximately 2 weeks. The prices are quite reasonable [even though I found better] and they often have sales.

It is a good store because of the security it provides you, as it has a special anti-fake lenses policy. It ships worldwide, your payment is secure and they give you a free super cute lens case for every pair that you buy! [I have 20 different animals/macaron cases ;__;]

They have a very large choice of colours, brands, patterns and /!\ of corrections. Which is super great if, like me, you’re kind of blind [well not really but .. meh, you’ve understood].

Pinky Paradise is currently having a 50% sale on a few different pairs which means the lenses cost less than 10.50Euros ! ! It will stop on December the 9th so you have plenty of time to enjoy the sale.

All you have to do is enter the code « PPBlackFriday2014 » when you’re completing your order.

I hope you enjoyed that news ♥


Heels Height – My honest opinion

Hey guys,

I’ve been recently reading some articles about which heel height should you wear depending on the occasion and some of these articles seemed a little bit extreme to me. So first, let me tell you a bit about my opinion on heels height:


Small heels = Less than 5 centimeters

Normal heels = Between 8 and 10~12 centimeters [depending on the shoe]

High heels = Above 12 centimeters

Wedges heels = Never high enough


This might seem weird to some of you [not those that personally know me] but I prefer a good 15cm wedges than a kitten heels [I don’t even own one pair under 6 centimeters]. We are not talking about health or comfort here, but if you don’t dare wearing high heels just because you think that’s too hard, think about the fact that a 12cm heel with 4cm of platform isn’t higher than a 8cm with none. Practice makes perfect. And if you don’t wear high heels just because you’re tall, well let me tell you that tall women do not look ridiculous with high heel, they look elegants.


Anyway, it is apparently said that you should not wear heels over 6centimeters when you go to Work. After talking to my boyfriend about it [who disaprove me wearing high heels] he told me that, listening to his workmates he learned that wearing heels over 6centimeters [or so] was seen as bad in the workplace. That the woman who wear over 6centimeters heels is concidered either as sexy or provocant! I needed to make a point here:

[For instance, you could pair these nice black suede pumps with a pair of black slim and a white blouse.]


Wearing high heels can either make you look stupid, or make you look powerful. You can want to wear a mini skirt with 15centimeters stilettos but you should not do it. You can wear high heels at work if:

– You wear something that is under the knee and cover your chest

– You do not wear a whole skin-tight outfit

– You do not wear more than 12cm and choose them dark blue, black or nude/beige

– You choose them matte or suede

– You do not wear outrageous makeup


Do you think high heels are suitable for the workplace? Do not hesitate to leave a comment to give me your opinion : )