Hair Care – 5 Tips to Longer, Stronger and Volumized Hair

IMG_0021(down to my hips)

1. Wash your hair properly: Shampoo your roots and condition your ends. Deep condition once per week [coating them in oil or mask].

2. Let your hair dry naturally, if not, always use heat protectant. Preferably, let your hair dry while your roots are upwards to create volume and avoid any heating tools.

3. To keep your hair tangle free and volumized: put your hair up [but not tightly tied] whenever you can. I always have my hair in a bun when I’m at home or in the traffic, it has changed my hair’s life.

4. Keep a healthy life style, even though this is not always something you have much power on, living a healthy life style by avoiding smoking [tehe .. 8D], eating healthy food [avocado, salmon, …etc], getting a good amount of sleep and doing sport will do a tremendous change on your hair/skin/nails and happiness 🙂

5. Prefer a layered cut. I have really really long hair [almost to my hips], and the longer they are, the more they wheight. To avoid flat hair and still keep your lenght, ask your hairdresser for long layers.

IMG_0098how my hair looks in direct light [natural colour]

I have a lot of other tips on growing out your hair but, for now, mine needs a cut! Would you like a tutorial on how to cut your hair yourself?


Back to School Hairstyle – Ballerina bun

Hey guys,

The Ballerina bun [or Ballet bun] seems to be a huge trend on fall 2014 runways [as creative ponytails on which I’ll probably do a tutorial]. Not only is it quick and easy to make, it is also a really popular hairstyle amongs korean and japanese celebrities since ages. We’re not only talking here about the sleek & neat ballerina bun, even the messy and slightly braided ones are allowed. I choose four videos to help you learn how to create a cool Ballerina Bun for your back to school so just enjoy watching (^_^)


The curly « fan » bun:


The straight « classic twist » bun:


The sleek and sporty bun [or using a sock and a toothbrush]:


The braided bun:


You can also try to do a creative ponytail, braided hairstyle. Also if you want a radical change without having to do anything complicated, you can still try parting your hair in the middle. Having your hair part in the middle really makes your face change and gives it a younger appearence so try thinking about it ; ).

Bye ♥