Blog – One year anniversary + demotivation + blogger/youtube community


Hey everybody,

It’s been a while, more than a month actually. I’ve been facing some problems the past few months and even though I tried my best to stay motivated and work hard on my blog, I finally ended up deserting it for an entire month.

I’ve started my blog one year ago, with one of my friends from the university starting hers at the same time [but she ended up not posting one single article on it] and at first I did not really believe in it. The first 6 months or so, I posted 2 or 3 articles but woke up when summer 2014 came. I am truly passionate about fashion, makeup and lots of other stuff, and I created this blog to share my knowledge and help people.

Unfortunately, the gyaru community [already small] has been disappearing these last months, and I stopped reading a few of my most inspiring magazines because the publishing house closed [you can find a short article on this subject here]. Moreover, even if I had people visiting my blog every day, no one was saying a thing to me about it, and with no comments, I had no idea how I was supposed to progress or even continue.

The internet community is becoming meaner every day. I see mean comments from people who feel the need to be mean to someone to feel better about themselves, or who allow themselves to criticize oneself’s way of living without knowing anything about him, and I wonder if I want to be a part of this. The fact that the internet is a place you can express yourself doesn’t mean you could say anything about everything, without thinking of the consequences. Because you say mean things to someone on the internet doesn’t mean it hurts less.

I continue to write my blog in English, even though most of the people that visit it are French, because I believe more people would be able to understand my ideas. Please feel free to leave comments, either on my Facebook page or in the section bellow ♥


Japan Aurea: C’était pourri + Photos [Gyaru style]


Hey guys,

Hier [Samedi 27 Septembre 2014] je me suis rendue à la Japan Aurea 7ème édition à Vallauris, pour ma plus grande déception. Je m’y étais déjà rendue il y a 4ans, c’était pas top et il n’y avait personne, mais de ce fait, l’ambiance « bon enfant » était plutôt sympa [surtout que j’avais gagné un Art Book Magna Carta au tournoi Tekken].

Première chose, on arrive devant l’entrée, juste à la sortie du karaoké, ça croule de monde et il faut faire la queue. Faux espoirs dans ma tête. L’entrée coûte 2Euros pour les deux jours, c’est donc vraiment donné et ça donne envie d’y aller. On vous donne un petit bracelet jaune pour montrer que vous avez payé, ainsi qu’un ticket découpable comme quand vous allez au cinéma, sauf que personne découpe la partie découpable de votre ticket [?].



C’est là que je croise Miyuki ♥, une amie de longue date, créatrice de la marque The Golden Rose pour qui j’ai défilé deux fois. Elle est déjà là depuis ce matin et n’a pas déjeuné parce qu‘il faut faire la queue pendant une heure pour se payer à manger, en plus la buvette a écoulé tout son stock de boissons.

L’évent se déroule à l’Espace Loisir, à l’intérieur ça ressemble à un gymnase, avec des gradins. Sur les trois dernières marches pour descendre à l’endroit où sont les stands, ils ont mis un tapis sur des câbles, toutes les filles en talons et plateformes se tordent les chevilles et manquent de tomber chaque fois qu’elles veulent prendre l’air. Il y a une quinzaine de stands. « La nouveauté 2014 : les tournois de jeux vidéo sur écran géant. » promise sur le site de la ville n’est pas là. Mis à part le dernier Zelda sur WiiU il n’y a aucun jeu innovant, et pas non plus de rétro gaming. Les joueurs du « tournoi » se partagent trois chaises. C’EST DE LA FOLIE.

En tout une quinzaine de stands sont présents, pas étonnant qu’il y en ait si peu puisque la Mairie fait payer 500E la place. Mis à part un stand d’origami et un stand de dessin [si si] il n’y a aucune activité. Un stand de bijoux fait main vend des bracelets à 25Euros.

En une heure, en traînant un peu, j’ai fait le tour et dit bonjour à tous ceux que je voulais voir. Perte de temps. Je n’y retournerai plus : )


Conclusion: Un évent qui ne coûte pas cher en parking.


PS: Quelques photos de mon makeup/hair/tenue quand même, sinon la rentabilité temps passé à se préparer par rapport au temps passé à l’expo serait pas top.






Collier: Vivienne Westwood

Short: Bershka

Leggins: BijouxdeSeoul

Plateformes: Gojane

Bracelets: Claire’s


Bye guys : )


Fall 2014 Trends – Vichy, Plaid, Check, Tartan

Hey guys,

Welcome on this first article of a series of Fall 2014 Trends posts. As it often occurs in fall, the plaid trend strikes again. The british pattern can be found everywhere on the runways and private collections. This for instance is the cover of the fall 2014 Liz Lisa collection:


Even my favorite model rocks it on her blog.

Not limits are imposed, you can wear the pattern on your pants, coats and even shoes. I personally prefer it red, but when it comes to houndstooth I’m in love with black and white. I chose for you some pieces that you can buy online and in store : )

H & M Blazer: 49.99E

Jennyfer Blouse: 17.99E

Mango Vest: 59.99E

Zara Top & Bottom: 49.95E each

Pair these with a good burgundy lipstick and you’re good to go!


Tell me, would you rock the full plaid look?

Back to School Hairstyle – Ballerina bun

Hey guys,

The Ballerina bun [or Ballet bun] seems to be a huge trend on fall 2014 runways [as creative ponytails on which I’ll probably do a tutorial]. Not only is it quick and easy to make, it is also a really popular hairstyle amongs korean and japanese celebrities since ages. We’re not only talking here about the sleek & neat ballerina bun, even the messy and slightly braided ones are allowed. I choose four videos to help you learn how to create a cool Ballerina Bun for your back to school so just enjoy watching (^_^)


The curly « fan » bun:


The straight « classic twist » bun:


The sleek and sporty bun [or using a sock and a toothbrush]:


The braided bun:


You can also try to do a creative ponytail, braided hairstyle. Also if you want a radical change without having to do anything complicated, you can still try parting your hair in the middle. Having your hair part in the middle really makes your face change and gives it a younger appearence so try thinking about it ; ).

Bye ♥


My TOP 10 items to stay warm & stylish.

Hey Guys,

Winter is coming and usually results in sweatshirts with large pants and over-size sweaters but as a Fashion lover, I’ve been mastering the technique of layering. Here is a list of my favorite items to stay warm in winter, being cute and rock’n’roll at the same time:

1. Fur Coat [faux, because we like animals]


Fur coat has, and will always be a trend. Leopard is my personal favorite, and goes wonderfully with a pair of black leather gloves [the thin ones, not like mitten]. White is definitly going to be a trend this winter so go on and have fun with a fluffy white cloud coat if you prefer so.

2. Beanies


Knitted or with words, beanies will keep your head warm and goes well with softly curled/wavy hair. The trend of beanies with words has started this year and you kind find some with « Obey » or « WTF » on it if you feel a little more rebel.

3. LIZ LISA winter dress


Or several layer dresses in general. I personaly like the Liz lisa one’s a lot because of their cuteness and the baroque theme which is really trendy right now, but any dress with frilly layers under will do it.

4. Over-the-knee socks


Over the knees-socks are the best to keep your knee warm. As on the picture, you can were them on the top of a pair of tights. Knees-socks exists in many different colour and patern so this is a very versatile item that can look both cute and sexy.

5. Knee high boots


As for the over the knee socks, these boots are very versatile but to me, the high heel is a mus-have, because you might end up looking shorter than you are if you just were flat ones. These boots, famous in Vivi Magazine, are the perfect combinaison of sexy and cute. I should warn you that, generally, gyaru fashion will make every part of your body warm, with the exception of your thigh.

6. Leather Jacket


The close to the body-type. No the fatass badass motorcycle-driver ones. You wanna look like a lady after all. Same as the fur coat, the leather jacket has always and will always be a huge trend. I like it black but you can find some brown/nude one that are looking good, they’re just not my style. But I would totally not recommend the white ones, only Nicole Richie can rock these.

7. Sweater-dress/Long Sleeve Dress


A cool trend that will keep you warm are the sweaters dress. I like the big kind myself, but the skinny one are also to die for. Care with the big one, they need to be worn with skinny jeans or leggins, otherwise they won’t look flattering to your silhouette at all.

8. Flare coat


Initially looking really childish, the flare coat are now designed and sold by douzens of great shops [such as romwe or sheinside]. I personally like this one a lot [and am proud to own it] but a dark blue one will look really classy.

9. The cute bloomer under the skirt


Trust me ladies, this cutie will warm your ass off on the bus stop! I’ve always thought it is a must to wear a short underneath a short skirt, because I obviously do not want anyone to see my underwear, so why not wearing a pretty one? Liz lisa does a lot of cute bloomers in various color  but you can also find these kinds on all the Gothic Lolita style shops [Bodyline for instance].

10. Tattoo tights 


Tattoo tiiiiights! One of the rare trends that make it through last year to this year [yes ladies, you do have to give up this amazing galaxy leggins you baught 4 months ago for 35$] . There is a lot of different model which eneables you to change your style from a series of bow, to a badass sniper gun.

That’s all guys.

Hope you enjoyed it.


Hey Guys,

As I’m not good with writting great presentation about myself, here is a little quizz that would tell you more about me, and introducts the theme I’ll be talking about.




How old are you?

21. I’m born in 1993.


What do you do for a living?

I’m a student in English Litterature [3rd year].


How do you spend your spare time?

I play LoL, GW2, The Secret World, feed my man whom I’m living with. I also read a lot of Japanese magazines, and watch youtube beauty guru’s video all the time. Oh, and I’m also singer in a melodic metal band and do vocal covers on youtube.


What are you favorite magazine?

Ageha, Ranzuki, Happie Nuts, and Popteen [for Gyaru fashion]. Otherwise I have a few numbers of Gothic & Lolita Bible and buy Glamour magazine regularly.


Who is your favorite model?

Rina Sakurai and Satomi Yakuwa from Ageha. Ancient model Nonoka Iwata from Egg.


What is your favorite brand?

Vivienne Westwood, definitly. I also like Ghost of Harlem a lot.


How do you dress?

A mix between doll, gyaru, gothic and rock. I’d say I am close to rokku and goshikku gyaru [appart from when I’m having my « sweet » days].


Here it is guys. If you have questions do not hesitate to ask. 🙂