Christmas – 9 Gift Ideas : )

Hey guys,

How are you all doing? It’s two weeks from Christmas and I thought it would be useful to write a small gift guide. Enjoy : )

1. For Moms that never find their keys – Wistiki 24.90E

Wistiki is a little device you can attach to your keys/car/friends. Then all you’ve got to do is use the android application Wistiki to find them! This is a brilliant gift to give anyone you know that has problems finding stuffs : )

2. For someone who’s fabulous – Kigurumi Hello Kitty Leopard 69.90E

OMGOIAZEOIBNOIVBPAIBIEB .. Okay maybe not that particular one, but « Kigurumi » or « Onesie » are super hot for the winter and particularly comfy so if you know someone that’s super frilly like I am, that may be a good idea. There’s also some for man!

3. For your aunt that you like but do not really know – Durance Candle 15.50E

Everybody loves a scented candle, especially during cold times. Even though 15Euros seems to be very expensive for a candle it’s always a great gift.

4. For your sister that just begun to start putting make up on – L’Oréal Volume Millions de Cils 15.50E

This gift is not expensive at all and known for its quality. As long as I remember, Mascara is the very first makeup product I put, because my mom ALWAYS wears some. This one looks really expensive and the colours of the packaging really puts you into the Christmas spirit.

5. For your father/grand-father or boyfriend – Happy Socks 36E

First of all, this is a great gift because a man never has enough socks. Men wear a lot more closed shoes than we do [who has ever seen an open toe shoe for men?]. Moreover, the special packaging and wintering feeling will warm the one you give this to.

6. For the series addict – A Game of Thrones Mug 14.90E

Game of Thrones has gone viral but it can basically be any series. That’s a gift that is super useful for all the warming chocolate lovers out there. This particular mug is absolutely beautiful, the design is of great quality. You can also find some other mugs that are a bit more fun if they’re heat reactive.

7. For the indoors – A fur plaid 40.50E

If I could I would cover my whole apartement with plaids! I already have two, hopefully, and they keep me super warm during the whole winter. Fur plaids look specially classy, on my opinion, compare to regular throws, and they feel like you’re hugged by a giant plush!

8. For the busy women – On the Run Urban Decay Palette 49E

Choosing a makeup palette for someone can sometimes be very delicate because of the variety of colours. With this new Urban Decay palette you’re sure not to be wrong and that the busy women will have everything handy with them without having to carry a whole makeup bag!

9. For the geeks – Star Wars sticks 12.90E

With the new Star Wars movie coming, you can’t make a mistake by buying these to your beloved geek. And the cool stuff about it is that there’s a variety of it so that you can choose the laser sword of your favorite character! [even Dark Maul]

Are you excited about Christmas?


My Snake – Erys

Hey guys,


As some of you might know I’m an animal lover [the right way]. If I had lots of money and the space for it I would have tons and tons of them. Unfortunately I live in a 2rooms appartement. The 30 of July was my nameday and my boyfriend decided to buy me a snake as a gift.
One of his friend gave us his ancient terrarium [thanks Chris!] so we set up everything and went to get our snake yesterday. I’ve been visiting several petshops in advance to have an idea of which one I’d like best, as for us the temper was the most important thing. We ended up going to Animalis [unfortunately they don’t have any reptile infos on their website].


We wanted to get a male, because male usually grow smaler, but we really liked better the temper of females. It took us aproximately 30minutes to decide between an Elaphe SP Albinos and a Elaphe Phantom, as the colour of the albinos might change we finally decided to get the phantom. Her colours are a mix between grey and cream. She’s really fair but has dark eyes.

The first time the pet seller took her in his hand she would just stay calm but the second time she got affraid of him because she didn’t see him comming and bite him several times! Fortunately she’s so small you could not even see the bite on the seller’s hand.

We still decided to get her and are pleased to tell you that she’s really really sweet! She immidiately loved her home [even if she’s always sleeping under her woodchips] and enjoy being manipulated. After only 2 days she already trusts me enough to wrap herself around my wrist and stop moving. As for Heaven [my persian], she has not even noticed her while Erys seems to be curious about that white fluffy plush.

2014_08_19_12_53_41Finding a name for her was really hard, it took us hours! We already had thought about a name for a male snake but had no idea for a female, and my boyfriend is really picky. We choose the name « Erys » because of the goddess « Eris ». She’s the Goddess of Discord and notably appears in the anime movie « Simbad ». She basically likes messing things up but always keeps that calm and smile.


Bye : D