Shower Gel/Cream – The perfect list

Hey guys,
Today I wanted to talk to you about showel gels!

When I was little I used to take baths everyday, no shower [don’t judge me if you take your shower during 15 minutes, taking a shower that long actually uses as much water as a bath]. I really loved it, it enabled me to relax, and I would sometimes use essential oils or LUSH bath bombs to make it fancier.
When I got my first appartement, I had no bathtub, just a shower and I’ve had to get used to use the shower instead of the bathtub. I thought taking a shower was really unpleasant, it was not relaxing to me, until I found some really cool scented shower gel and now, I can also relax and enjoy the time I spend in the shower [even though it’s just 5 minutes].

I personally like to have 4 different scents of shower gel:

THE BODY SHOP – Gel Douche Fuji Green Tea

The fresh one: During a hot day or to wake up in the morning.
Smells like: Green tea, citrus, sea, lemon, cucumber, mint

LUSH – Prince Charming

The candy one: On any occasion because I love fruity and candy smells. But specially at night or when I feel like I would eat a pastry.
Smells like: Sweets (marshmallow, bubblegum) or cake (tarte tatin), berries (strawberry, rasbery, blueberry), chocolate, honey

Le Bain – Oolong tea shower gel

The wintery one: During autumn and winter and eventually at night
Smells like: white musk, black tea, tangerine, orange blossom,
red vine

Anatomicals – You Need A Blooming Shower Rose Shower Gel

The floral one: If I’m feeling « Romantic ».
Smells like: Roses, camelias, ortensias.

Tell me what is your current favorite shower product !

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