Christmas – 9 Gift Ideas : )

Hey guys,

How are you all doing? It’s two weeks from Christmas and I thought it would be useful to write a small gift guide. Enjoy : )

1. For Moms that never find their keys – Wistiki 24.90E

Wistiki is a little device you can attach to your keys/car/friends. Then all you’ve got to do is use the android application Wistiki to find them! This is a brilliant gift to give anyone you know that has problems finding stuffs : )

2. For someone who’s fabulous – Kigurumi Hello Kitty Leopard 69.90E

OMGOIAZEOIBNOIVBPAIBIEB .. Okay maybe not that particular one, but « Kigurumi » or « Onesie » are super hot for the winter and particularly comfy so if you know someone that’s super frilly like I am, that may be a good idea. There’s also some for man!

3. For your aunt that you like but do not really know – Durance Candle 15.50E

Everybody loves a scented candle, especially during cold times. Even though 15Euros seems to be very expensive for a candle it’s always a great gift.

4. For your sister that just begun to start putting make up on – L’Oréal Volume Millions de Cils 15.50E

This gift is not expensive at all and known for its quality. As long as I remember, Mascara is the very first makeup product I put, because my mom ALWAYS wears some. This one looks really expensive and the colours of the packaging really puts you into the Christmas spirit.

5. For your father/grand-father or boyfriend – Happy Socks 36E

First of all, this is a great gift because a man never has enough socks. Men wear a lot more closed shoes than we do [who has ever seen an open toe shoe for men?]. Moreover, the special packaging and wintering feeling will warm the one you give this to.

6. For the series addict – A Game of Thrones Mug 14.90E

Game of Thrones has gone viral but it can basically be any series. That’s a gift that is super useful for all the warming chocolate lovers out there. This particular mug is absolutely beautiful, the design is of great quality. You can also find some other mugs that are a bit more fun if they’re heat reactive.

7. For the indoors – A fur plaid 40.50E

If I could I would cover my whole apartement with plaids! I already have two, hopefully, and they keep me super warm during the whole winter. Fur plaids look specially classy, on my opinion, compare to regular throws, and they feel like you’re hugged by a giant plush!

8. For the busy women – On the Run Urban Decay Palette 49E

Choosing a makeup palette for someone can sometimes be very delicate because of the variety of colours. With this new Urban Decay palette you’re sure not to be wrong and that the busy women will have everything handy with them without having to carry a whole makeup bag!

9. For the geeks – Star Wars sticks 12.90E

With the new Star Wars movie coming, you can’t make a mistake by buying these to your beloved geek. And the cool stuff about it is that there’s a variety of it so that you can choose the laser sword of your favorite character! [even Dark Maul]

Are you excited about Christmas?


Blog – One year anniversary + demotivation + blogger/youtube community


Hey everybody,

It’s been a while, more than a month actually. I’ve been facing some problems the past few months and even though I tried my best to stay motivated and work hard on my blog, I finally ended up deserting it for an entire month.

I’ve started my blog one year ago, with one of my friends from the university starting hers at the same time [but she ended up not posting one single article on it] and at first I did not really believe in it. The first 6 months or so, I posted 2 or 3 articles but woke up when summer 2014 came. I am truly passionate about fashion, makeup and lots of other stuff, and I created this blog to share my knowledge and help people.

Unfortunately, the gyaru community [already small] has been disappearing these last months, and I stopped reading a few of my most inspiring magazines because the publishing house closed [you can find a short article on this subject here]. Moreover, even if I had people visiting my blog every day, no one was saying a thing to me about it, and with no comments, I had no idea how I was supposed to progress or even continue.

The internet community is becoming meaner every day. I see mean comments from people who feel the need to be mean to someone to feel better about themselves, or who allow themselves to criticize oneself’s way of living without knowing anything about him, and I wonder if I want to be a part of this. The fact that the internet is a place you can express yourself doesn’t mean you could say anything about everything, without thinking of the consequences. Because you say mean things to someone on the internet doesn’t mean it hurts less.

I continue to write my blog in English, even though most of the people that visit it are French, because I believe more people would be able to understand my ideas. Please feel free to leave comments, either on my Facebook page or in the section bellow ♥

Japan Aurea: C’était pourri + Photos [Gyaru style]


Hey guys,

Hier [Samedi 27 Septembre 2014] je me suis rendue à la Japan Aurea 7ème édition à Vallauris, pour ma plus grande déception. Je m’y étais déjà rendue il y a 4ans, c’était pas top et il n’y avait personne, mais de ce fait, l’ambiance « bon enfant » était plutôt sympa [surtout que j’avais gagné un Art Book Magna Carta au tournoi Tekken].

Première chose, on arrive devant l’entrée, juste à la sortie du karaoké, ça croule de monde et il faut faire la queue. Faux espoirs dans ma tête. L’entrée coûte 2Euros pour les deux jours, c’est donc vraiment donné et ça donne envie d’y aller. On vous donne un petit bracelet jaune pour montrer que vous avez payé, ainsi qu’un ticket découpable comme quand vous allez au cinéma, sauf que personne découpe la partie découpable de votre ticket [?].



C’est là que je croise Miyuki ♥, une amie de longue date, créatrice de la marque The Golden Rose pour qui j’ai défilé deux fois. Elle est déjà là depuis ce matin et n’a pas déjeuné parce qu‘il faut faire la queue pendant une heure pour se payer à manger, en plus la buvette a écoulé tout son stock de boissons.

L’évent se déroule à l’Espace Loisir, à l’intérieur ça ressemble à un gymnase, avec des gradins. Sur les trois dernières marches pour descendre à l’endroit où sont les stands, ils ont mis un tapis sur des câbles, toutes les filles en talons et plateformes se tordent les chevilles et manquent de tomber chaque fois qu’elles veulent prendre l’air. Il y a une quinzaine de stands. « La nouveauté 2014 : les tournois de jeux vidéo sur écran géant. » promise sur le site de la ville n’est pas là. Mis à part le dernier Zelda sur WiiU il n’y a aucun jeu innovant, et pas non plus de rétro gaming. Les joueurs du « tournoi » se partagent trois chaises. C’EST DE LA FOLIE.

En tout une quinzaine de stands sont présents, pas étonnant qu’il y en ait si peu puisque la Mairie fait payer 500E la place. Mis à part un stand d’origami et un stand de dessin [si si] il n’y a aucune activité. Un stand de bijoux fait main vend des bracelets à 25Euros.

En une heure, en traînant un peu, j’ai fait le tour et dit bonjour à tous ceux que je voulais voir. Perte de temps. Je n’y retournerai plus : )


Conclusion: Un évent qui ne coûte pas cher en parking.


PS: Quelques photos de mon makeup/hair/tenue quand même, sinon la rentabilité temps passé à se préparer par rapport au temps passé à l’expo serait pas top.






Collier: Vivienne Westwood

Short: Bershka

Leggins: BijouxdeSeoul

Plateformes: Gojane

Bracelets: Claire’s


Bye guys : )


Game Review – The Sims 4

Hey guys,

I know this had nothing to do with fashion and stuff, but I am a true lover [not saying sims 4 = geek game, I play to lots of differents games, but mainly mmos and mobas] of video games and had to do a review on this one.


I’ve been playing The Sims since the first episode. To me The Sims 2 was a real progress, and the third was just a better version of The Sims 2, but it had little evolved. I wasn’t really « waiting » for the 4th that much but still started playing it the day it has been released in France. I had tested the demo of « Create a Sim » which I found not intuitive at all.

Also, I’ve been trying to play te Sims 3 after playing the Sims 4 and I have to say, I could seriously go back to the old version. It has so much more content than the Sims 4 that it is funnier to play [not even concidering the dlcs].

Positive thoughts:

  • I do have to admit it is prettier than the Sims 3. There has been a little effort on the graphics but still, the hair’s texture is really really bad [Aion is 100 times more beautiful] and the eyes are worse than Azura’s eyes in GW2…
  • The building mode is wayyyy more convinient. Without this advantage, the Sims 4 would be dead to me. For those who haven’t experienced this, when you wanted to move a room of your house in the previous episodes, you had to move all the pieces of furniture one by one, deleate the foundations and re-build that and re-move everything in elsewhere. It took forever. They now have add different features that enable you to move an entire room with one click or to extend en entire wall super easily. Building has become affordable so it’s easier to build your dream house.
  • Once you’ve get use to the way create a sim now work [since you can change a sims’ feature siply by putting your mouse on the part you want to change and moving it] it gets quite nice since you can modulate your sims even more than before. There’s even a super zoom option which enables you to change every detail.
  • Thanks to emotions [which are not really different than whims in the Sims 3, it has just evolved, it’s not a revolution] Sims are more expressives. It is not a super huge thing to me but it does makes the game seem a little more lively.
  • Sims are now really multi-task. In the Sims 3, they used to say sims were multi-tasks but it totally depended on the tasks. Now your Sim can eat his plate, sitting on the sofa, and then realise by himself that his friend is sitting at the table, stand, move right next to him, at continue eating while talking to him and watching the tv.

I’m confuse about:

  • No more babies or todlers. Which means when your Sims get pregnants she birth a children which only happened in the Sims 1! It is said, apparently, that it is because of all that new « create a sim » and emotions but I mean .. Seriously ?? I do not entirely concider this as a bad thing, simply because even if it’s ridiculous, myself and most of you will probably admit that babies and tolders are a serious pain to deal with in the Sims. Still, the game has evolve, and not being able to develop a Sims’ skills when he’s a todler is a handicap in the Sims 4.
  • You gain a lot less money. Building indeed has gone affordable but items are still the same price and making food has gone expensive while salaries has gone down. I mean seriously down and promotions are way more difficult to obtain. This is confusing to me because, even if it gives a more realistic feeling to the game and makes it more difficult it makes some of the wishes absolutely impossible to attain. If you want to succeed in your career, forget friends and love, you’ll only have time to complete the tasks you’ve been given at work.
  • The loading times are shorter but there’s more loading times . . .
  • The in-game hud is cleaner and really look nicer than before but it does take more place on the screen and is so different that you might have difficulties to use it at first. Even if I’ve heard the game has been well optimized for small computers, I’m still not sure you could run it and find it pleasant to play with.

Negative things:

  • The manage household option. So let me explain that: Usually, when you’re playing a whole family and your kids become grown ups, you usually [or not] want to move them out by using the tool « move out » 8D. This does not exists anymore. If you want to move one of your sims out of a family you can: deleate it from the family [that’s a bit extreme though, or you can kill it], make him become unplayable, or move him in another household with other people and then you need to play the whole house. It is said nowhere, there’s not one button to just move your sim out independently and play him! It is only after lots of researches that I finally found out you actually need to manage your household, move your sim into an other one, than manage that household and move the sims you don’t want to play in the unplayable section. I mean really?
  • There’s no swimming pool. It is not really that important but what is important is that there ALWAYS has been swimming pool in the basic edition of The Sims. It is important because it really proves how much greedy the productors are since they will introduce swimming pools in the first dlc.
  • It lacks personalisation. They have completly removed « create a style » which was used to custom colours and patterns. When I was playing the demo of create a Sim I thought « hum, if there’s only so much that’s just because it’s a demo ». Actually no. There’s not a lot of objects [which make it even more difficult since they easily become expensive] and you can’t customize tattoos anymore, you cannot even change their size. Also, there’s not a lot of dirrent clothes, specially for children. And you can choose only three traits while you could choose five.
  • There’s no more open world. That was a major step forward in previous versions of The Sims and they’ve completly removed it. Your now live in a specific district that is separated from the rest of the town [for instance, you can only jog in that district] and need to use the « travel » button if you want to go out for dinner which leads you to a loading screen.
  • There is a lot less place for your sims to live! What I mean is that you now have only a very few ground parcels and you have no place to add one which leads you to have less active sims and less communal places. Ofcourse it also means there’s no cars.


The Sims 4 isn’t bad, but it’s not good either. At least, it is surely not better than the Sims 3 and does not worth 70Euros! It looks more like an evolution from the very first episode than an evolution from the Sims 3. It’s a regression.

Heels Height – My honest opinion

Hey guys,

I’ve been recently reading some articles about which heel height should you wear depending on the occasion and some of these articles seemed a little bit extreme to me. So first, let me tell you a bit about my opinion on heels height:


Small heels = Less than 5 centimeters

Normal heels = Between 8 and 10~12 centimeters [depending on the shoe]

High heels = Above 12 centimeters

Wedges heels = Never high enough


This might seem weird to some of you [not those that personally know me] but I prefer a good 15cm wedges than a kitten heels [I don’t even own one pair under 6 centimeters]. We are not talking about health or comfort here, but if you don’t dare wearing high heels just because you think that’s too hard, think about the fact that a 12cm heel with 4cm of platform isn’t higher than a 8cm with none. Practice makes perfect. And if you don’t wear high heels just because you’re tall, well let me tell you that tall women do not look ridiculous with high heel, they look elegants.


Anyway, it is apparently said that you should not wear heels over 6centimeters when you go to Work. After talking to my boyfriend about it [who disaprove me wearing high heels] he told me that, listening to his workmates he learned that wearing heels over 6centimeters [or so] was seen as bad in the workplace. That the woman who wear over 6centimeters heels is concidered either as sexy or provocant! I needed to make a point here:

[For instance, you could pair these nice black suede pumps with a pair of black slim and a white blouse.]


Wearing high heels can either make you look stupid, or make you look powerful. You can want to wear a mini skirt with 15centimeters stilettos but you should not do it. You can wear high heels at work if:

– You wear something that is under the knee and cover your chest

– You do not wear a whole skin-tight outfit

– You do not wear more than 12cm and choose them dark blue, black or nude/beige

– You choose them matte or suede

– You do not wear outrageous makeup


Do you think high heels are suitable for the workplace? Do not hesitate to leave a comment to give me your opinion : )

My Snake – Erys

Hey guys,


As some of you might know I’m an animal lover [the right way]. If I had lots of money and the space for it I would have tons and tons of them. Unfortunately I live in a 2rooms appartement. The 30 of July was my nameday and my boyfriend decided to buy me a snake as a gift.
One of his friend gave us his ancient terrarium [thanks Chris!] so we set up everything and went to get our snake yesterday. I’ve been visiting several petshops in advance to have an idea of which one I’d like best, as for us the temper was the most important thing. We ended up going to Animalis [unfortunately they don’t have any reptile infos on their website].


We wanted to get a male, because male usually grow smaler, but we really liked better the temper of females. It took us aproximately 30minutes to decide between an Elaphe SP Albinos and a Elaphe Phantom, as the colour of the albinos might change we finally decided to get the phantom. Her colours are a mix between grey and cream. She’s really fair but has dark eyes.

The first time the pet seller took her in his hand she would just stay calm but the second time she got affraid of him because she didn’t see him comming and bite him several times! Fortunately she’s so small you could not even see the bite on the seller’s hand.

We still decided to get her and are pleased to tell you that she’s really really sweet! She immidiately loved her home [even if she’s always sleeping under her woodchips] and enjoy being manipulated. After only 2 days she already trusts me enough to wrap herself around my wrist and stop moving. As for Heaven [my persian], she has not even noticed her while Erys seems to be curious about that white fluffy plush.

2014_08_19_12_53_41Finding a name for her was really hard, it took us hours! We already had thought about a name for a male snake but had no idea for a female, and my boyfriend is really picky. We choose the name « Erys » because of the goddess « Eris ». She’s the Goddess of Discord and notably appears in the anime movie « Simbad ». She basically likes messing things up but always keeps that calm and smile.


Bye : D


Hey Guys,

As I’m not good with writting great presentation about myself, here is a little quizz that would tell you more about me, and introducts the theme I’ll be talking about.




How old are you?

21. I’m born in 1993.


What do you do for a living?

I’m a student in English Litterature [3rd year].


How do you spend your spare time?

I play LoL, GW2, The Secret World, feed my man whom I’m living with. I also read a lot of Japanese magazines, and watch youtube beauty guru’s video all the time. Oh, and I’m also singer in a melodic metal band and do vocal covers on youtube.


What are you favorite magazine?

Ageha, Ranzuki, Happie Nuts, and Popteen [for Gyaru fashion]. Otherwise I have a few numbers of Gothic & Lolita Bible and buy Glamour magazine regularly.


Who is your favorite model?

Rina Sakurai and Satomi Yakuwa from Ageha. Ancient model Nonoka Iwata from Egg.


What is your favorite brand?

Vivienne Westwood, definitly. I also like Ghost of Harlem a lot.


How do you dress?

A mix between doll, gyaru, gothic and rock. I’d say I am close to rokku and goshikku gyaru [appart from when I’m having my « sweet » days].


Here it is guys. If you have questions do not hesitate to ask. 🙂