Fall 2014 Trends – Boots, Boots, Boots

Hey guys,

The weather is becoming a bit difficult those last days, we even had a lot of rain in the South of France, so I had to resign myself to say bye to my wonderful sandals and hello to boots.

Several different trends can be identified when talking about boots. The moto boots has been super trendy last year, and the ankle bootie the year before, and still are, but there’s more and more appearences of the stacked heel nowadays. I prefer over the knee boots, because they keep me warm and look really femine and creators this year have not disapointed us in creating boots that are both rainy-day proof and stylish:

Dr. Martens Boots: 180E

ZARA Boots: 89.95E

TOPSHOP Boots: 180E

H&M Boots: 29.99E

New Rock Boots: 382.60E

Boots can really be worn with everything and anything so go on and have fun with fashion.

Would you dare to wear New Rock boots?


Fall 2014 Trends – Leopard/Animal Prints

Hey guys,

On this episode of Fall 2014 Trends we will be talking about Leopard prints

Yes I am aware « Sping Fashion » is written on it, but this cover of Harper’s Bazaar cannot be ignored.

It can be really tricky to wear leopard prints because they usually tends to slide to the vulgar side of fashion if you don’t pay attention to what you’re matching them with. I’ve personnaly always liked wearing leopard prints, even if my boyfriend hates me wearing them. Here are some pieces of leopard prints I find fine:

Weekday Blouse: 40E

Urban Outfitters Sandals: 62.98E


Weeday Skirt: 45E

TOPSHOP Wallet: 28E

I would totally avoid wearing anything too short or colours with this print. Black is the best « colour » to go with, and go easy on accessories.

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Fall 2014 Trends – Military

Hey guys,

Even though this trend has been going for ages, the F/W military trend is back this time again.

As I like to dress with an edgy style mixing this trend with my usual wardrobe is super easy for me. But for those who are afraid of looking too bold in military clothes, try accessories! It may mean nothing to you but less is more and military accessories can boost up your look.

H&M Overall: 19.99E

New Rock Boots: 386.51E

MANGO Blouse: 44.99E

Zara Umbrella: 16.95E

Forever21 Purse: 3.95E

Try mixing some pieces with black or brown clothes for something simple and edgy. If you want something bolder you can always pair military prints with white!

I always liked seeing the military trend on others but never actually dared to rock it. Do you?

Fall 2014 Trends – Sneakers

Hey guys,

I’ve already briefly talked about this trend in my Digital design trend article but sneakers are definitly a trend right now.

I’ve personnaly never been super found of sneakers until last year. I actually own only one pair of them, I really like this pair of shoes but I’m not super found of flat shoes as you guys might already know ; ) Here are some sneakers that I’ve been liking myself, alternatives to the basic ones:

Nasty Gal Sneakers: 68.43E

Jeffrey Campbell Sneakers: 115.77E

Converse Spiked Sneakers: 77.84E

CREEKS Sneakers: 53E

Adidas Sneakers: 64.99E

They now seem to be wearable with skirts and dresses and there is so much variety that you can go from classy to comfy really easily. The expension of platforms sneakers also make it easy to rock sneakers even if you’re not found of flat shoes so you should definitly give it a try.

How do your sneakers look like?

Fall 2014 Trends – Digital Design

Hey guys,

Not talking about the very famous galaxy print that has been extraordinarely popular these last 4 years but is now in decline, digital prints are a statement piece to get right now.


Sneakers also really being super popular mixing those two trends [even with a dress] could really be effortless and give you a super edgy look. This trend could be concidered as a good idea to finally wear floral prints in autumn. I personnaly really like landscape prints. Here are some pieces I fall [haha] in love with:

Romwe Tanktop: 17.73E

Mary Katranzou Dress: 815E

Romwe Skirt: 23.12E

Sheinside Sweater: 24.44E

Warehouse Dress: 100.57E

Mixing a piece of digital printed fashion with black or other neutral colours could be a good idea to tone all that down. And becareful about mixing prints, bloggers usually rock these but wearing in real life  is not the same thing.


Which is your favorite between those five?


Fall 2014 Trends – Pastels

Hey guys,

Continuing our fall trend series, I am super pleased to present you the next one: Pastels. And YES, it is possible to wear pastel without looking like your little sister [not that I think that’s wrong anyways].


The colours I’ve seen the most on runways and in magazines are pink and blue but mint colour is also very suitable. I’d say blue is the easiest pastel trend to wear because it’s not as feminine as pink and as bold as mint. Here are some examples of what you could wear : )


H & M Sweater: 49.99E

Chicwish Skirt: 33.23E

The Kooples Blouse: 185E

Pandora’s Box Dress: 27.99$

Topshop Sandals: 68E

If you don’t dare the total look, you can easily pair pastel colours with white, beige, rich brown or black.

Do you think pastel should only be suitable for Spring?

Fall 2014 Trends – Vichy, Plaid, Check, Tartan

Hey guys,

Welcome on this first article of a series of Fall 2014 Trends posts. As it often occurs in fall, the plaid trend strikes again. The british pattern can be found everywhere on the runways and private collections. This for instance is the cover of the fall 2014 Liz Lisa collection:


Even my favorite model rocks it on her blog.

Not limits are imposed, you can wear the pattern on your pants, coats and even shoes. I personally prefer it red, but when it comes to houndstooth I’m in love with black and white. I chose for you some pieces that you can buy online and in store : )

H & M Blazer: 49.99E

Jennyfer Blouse: 17.99E

Mango Vest: 59.99E

Zara Top & Bottom: 49.95E each

Pair these with a good burgundy lipstick and you’re good to go!


Tell me, would you rock the full plaid look?