Shower Gel/Cream – The perfect list

Hey guys,
Today I wanted to talk to you about showel gels!

When I was little I used to take baths everyday, no shower [don’t judge me if you take your shower during 15 minutes, taking a shower that long actually uses as much water as a bath]. I really loved it, it enabled me to relax, and I would sometimes use essential oils or LUSH bath bombs to make it fancier.
When I got my first appartement, I had no bathtub, just a shower and I’ve had to get used to use the shower instead of the bathtub. I thought taking a shower was really unpleasant, it was not relaxing to me, until I found some really cool scented shower gel and now, I can also relax and enjoy the time I spend in the shower [even though it’s just 5 minutes].

I personally like to have 4 different scents of shower gel:

THE BODY SHOP – Gel Douche Fuji Green Tea

The fresh one: During a hot day or to wake up in the morning.
Smells like: Green tea, citrus, sea, lemon, cucumber, mint

LUSH – Prince Charming

The candy one: On any occasion because I love fruity and candy smells. But specially at night or when I feel like I would eat a pastry.
Smells like: Sweets (marshmallow, bubblegum) or cake (tarte tatin), berries (strawberry, rasbery, blueberry), chocolate, honey

Le Bain – Oolong tea shower gel

The wintery one: During autumn and winter and eventually at night
Smells like: white musk, black tea, tangerine, orange blossom,
red vine

Anatomicals – You Need A Blooming Shower Rose Shower Gel

The floral one: If I’m feeling « Romantic ».
Smells like: Roses, camelias, ortensias.

Tell me what is your current favorite shower product !

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Circle Lens – My opinion on Pinky Paradise / Black Friday Sales

Hey guys,

Pinky Paradise is a circle lenses store that has been opened for years now. I have ordered from them quite a few times and have always been delivered in approximately 2 weeks. The prices are quite reasonable [even though I found better] and they often have sales.

It is a good store because of the security it provides you, as it has a special anti-fake lenses policy. It ships worldwide, your payment is secure and they give you a free super cute lens case for every pair that you buy! [I have 20 different animals/macaron cases ;__;]

They have a very large choice of colours, brands, patterns and /!\ of corrections. Which is super great if, like me, you’re kind of blind [well not really but .. meh, you’ve understood].

Pinky Paradise is currently having a 50% sale on a few different pairs which means the lenses cost less than 10.50Euros ! ! It will stop on December the 9th so you have plenty of time to enjoy the sale.

All you have to do is enter the code « PPBlackFriday2014 » when you’re completing your order.

I hope you enjoyed that news ♥

Foam Cleanser Review – Kiko VS Nivea



Hey guys,

As you might already know, my skincare routine [and lots of things in general] are inspired by Korea and Japan. A foam cleanser is a cleanser and a makeup remover at the same time. You can find it in gel form and make it become foam thanks to water, or already as a foam. It is not very popular in France, and I’ve been dredding the day it will finally appear in our drugstores. Kiko was my first foam cleanser bought in France, and having finished it recently I tried the Nivea one [two versions, one for normal skintype and one for sensible].




6.90E = resonnable.

(Too) gentle on the skin.

Clear and simple packaging.



Light mousse, which means you need to use more and can’t use a face brush with it.

Does not clear your skin at 100%. Which means you really need to double cleanse it.

Contains sodium hydroxide



4.79E on amazon = super cheap.

Dense mousse which enables me to use my face brush ♥

Wash really well everything off

Contains Almond oil



Still a little bit to harsh for my sensitive skin

Smells like house cleansers

Contains perfume



I can definitly say that Kiko’s mousse really is more gentle than Nivea’s one, even if it is specially made for sensitive skin, I still think it’s a little bit rough. Even though, Nivea really cleanse your skin better. With Kiko I never felt like my skin was absolutely clean or makeup-free which can really be a big problem on long term relationship ; )

Top 5 Summer Essentials

Hey guys,

Summer has begin for a while now and as it is hot and sunny we tend to think less about how fragile is our skin and hair and wonder which kind of makeup to use, as we can’t bear having a full face of makeup melting under the sun. So here is a list of some products you might want to conciderate using (^___^).


  1. Sunscreen


Here is a picture of a simulation of someone’s skin after ages of puting sunscreen on, and not putting sunscreen on.

Sunscreen is definitly the most important product to use in summer, and in other seasons ! I know way too much people that wear not enough, or no sunscreen at all thinking that, if the sun isn’t blinding you, there’s no need for sunscreen. Actually, uva radiations are the number one cause of accelerating the process of aging of your skin.

I like using a different sunscreen for my face and my body, because they don’t need to same amount of hydratation and a sunscreen can make you oily really fast. Don’t forget to protect yourself [seems like I’m talking about aids ..] before having fun. There even exist sunscreen that you can put over your makeup and lipbalm with SPF (O_O) ! !


  1. Hair Serum


As for your skin, your hair gets really damages in summer by the sun, the salt of the sea, chlorine and stuffs. Using a hair serum helps restoring the health of your hair. I like to apply it after washing my hair when they are nearly dry to give them some boost of shining and health, focusing the product on the ends of my hair, but you can apply a little bit every night before going to sleep if your hair are really damage. Also, if you’re affraid of having your hair into a bunch of nots after waking up, don’t forget to tie them in a braid before going to sleep.


  1. BB cream


As I said before, wearing makeup in summer is really challenging. I try wearing as little makeup as possible and as rarely as I can. A good alternative to your usual fondation [even if I nearly don’t use any foundation at all since I’ve been falling in love with BBs] is BB Cream. BB Creams [Blemish Balm Cream and not « Bébé Crème » ..] are usually lighter than foundations, they have a dewy finish, which is very natural in summer, and have a creamy texcture, even in the case of BB powders. If often contain SPF which makes your skin even more protected !


  1. Lip Tint or Tinted Lipbalm


An easy way to have long lasting wearable tinted lips is lip tint and lipbalm. They’re both really handy as you can usually use them both for your lips and your cheeks [I’m crazy with double-use products] and leave your lips a natural tint. This doesn’t mean you can’t see the difference from your actualy lip colour and the liptint, it just means it won’t look as bold as a true red lipstick. It won’t move through the day so you don’t have to worry about having to aply it again every 30 minutes and you can create with it a gradiant effect. On the other hand, lipbalm are really nutricious and still gets your lips to look amazing without even trying. You don’t even need a mirror to do your lips. And if you want a little bit more of a glamorous look, you can definitly put some lipgloss on. [Lip lackers also are a great alternative if you’re looking for a 100% bold look that won’t move].


  1. Sunglasses


Get yourself a good pair of sunglasses. And I’m not talking about these 5 or 10Euros pair of sunglasses that you can buy on the street, nope. Those glasses are really bad. First, the lenses themselves are not actually protecting you from the sun, and as far as I know, seeing is quite important. Keep in mind that a good pair of sunglasses never has « protects for uvs » written on it. Then, the frames are so light and of a bad quality material that your optician won’t be able to put true lenses on them, and it eventually breaks easily. So I know how tempting these are, but shouldn’t you invest in your health rather than in fashion ?


Hope you enjoyed it.

My Night-time Skincare Routine



Hey guys,

Before starting this post, I have to say that I am not a professional, I do not claim to have perfect knowledge on skincare but I do know some basics. Accoding to my own experience, I would say that French people, and more particularly teens are not that into skincare product, compared to some Asian countries. The little bit I know I’ve learned it from friends and internet. Trust me, Internet is the mother of knowledge nowadays. Therefore, my routine have been inspired by Korean skincare basics.


Here is my night time skincare routine:

– Cleansing: I double cleanse my face using a cleansing oil [Eclat Sublime Huile Démaquillante – L’Oréal 6.20E] to remove my makeup and then a foam cleanser [Mousse nettoyante douce – 6.90E].
– Toner: I use toner to remove any excess after cleansing my face [Lotion Tonique Apaisante – Diadermine 4.90E].
– Serum: A serum is a special treatment for your own concerns, such as wrinkles or visible pores [Sublimist Super Serum – L’Oréal 14.00E].
– Moisturizer: Moisturizing your face is an essential part of your daily routine. Your moisturizer has to be adapted to your very own kind of skintype [Hydra Beauté Gel Crême – Chanel 62.90E].
– Eye cream: The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and delicate which means that it needs extra care, particularly because it is one of the first place to show the signs of aging [Hydra Solution Recovery Eye Gel – SUISSE PROGRAMME 46.32E].


Various precisions or things that I use:

– Once peer week I use: A soft peeling, to remove all dead skincells, a clay mask, to deeply clean my skin, and a whitening sheet mask, to moisture my skin and help balance the colours of my skin.
– I wash my face twice a day, in the morning and at night.
– I always wash off my makeup at night and never ever sleeps with it on. Sleeping with makeup on is a major cause of break up among girls, as well as not cleaning your hair often enough, because the natural oils causes you breakouts.
– I drink at least 2 litters of water a day, drinking water moisturize your whole body.
– I use BB Cream instead of foundation. BB Cream contains true benefits for your skin, as whitening or anti-aging, and provides a more natural coverage that can easily be built up without looking caky. Still, be carefull about the BB cream you use, after trying some of the occidental ones, I can definitly tell Korean BBs are definitly better than occidental ones.
– Apply sunscreen on a daily basis under your makeup, it provides from premature aging.
– Drink green tea, it is good for your skin as it detox your body from the inside.
– Try to eat healthy in general, what you eat reflects on your body.
– Try to sleep at least 6 hours a day.


That’s pretty much it.
I hope this will help you to get better complexion.