Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick Review – Rouge Pur Couture 39 / Pourpre Divin

[If you’re wondering why, it’s the year of the sheep! designed by anhiee]

Hey guys,

It’s been a while as usual so first of all: Happy New Year everbody : D ! ! 2015 WOHOOO.

Okay now, you have to know I’m obsessed with lipstick. Specially high brand ones. I do not own tons of them but my favourite so far is Lune Rousse from Chanel, which is a really really dark red with no brown undertones. Just red. I’ve always liked dark or bold lips [I don’t own any Lime Crime lipsticks but I’d definitely love them] and have never been satisfied by not high end products.

This winter I started seeing pictures of dark violet [they call it plum but .. ? It’s more like violet to me] lips:

I immediately thought:

So my Mom and I went on a journey, and each time we crossed a makeup store we would spend hours trying to find that perfect dark violet/plum lipstick I saw. Even the employee of MAC [and you know how MAC has awesome bold colours] told me he could not help me finding the perfect lipstick. After studying the pictures a bit I realised the colour was probably a combinaition of a pencil + a lipstick, and I had myself a dark plum pencil but we could not find a great lipstick.

Finally, one day, after months of researches, we found a tester of Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Pur Couture 39. My mom and I had to do three different Sephora stores to find one because no store was actually ordering it for clients as no clients would buy it!

[Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures but it seems like my phone wouldn’t focus!]




This is the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture 39 / Pourpre Divin Lipstick. It’s a really beautiful autumn/winter colour, 95% violet and 5% plum. I would not recommend using this lipstick with no lip pencil under it because it would turn a tiny bit sheer and a bit more plum [which I personally dislikes]. It costs ~33.00Euros which is very similar to all high brand lipsticks. It’s also quite hydrating. It has to be reapplied approximately twice during the day and it has more of a creamy formula, but it’s no pearly or shiny.

This is definitly one of my favorite products of 2014! Thanks Mom if you’re reading this.

Tell me, what is your favorite lipstick ever?