Eating Healthy – Smoothie recipe for breakfast, good for braces !

Hey guys,

So I recently got braces. Even though I’m 21, it’s my first time getting some. I really try to eat as healthy as possible [I go to the fast food once a month] and I love smoothies so getting braces was the perfect timing for me to try making some. I hope this recipe will be helpful, do not hesitate to try it out, even though putting lettuce forms in your smoothie seems weird at first, it actually tastes great : )


For 1 Morning Smoothie:

– 1/2 to 1 Orange, cut and peeled

– 1/2 peeled Banana

– 1 peeled Kiwi

– 1 Handful of kale/spinach leaves

=> Mix all that and you’ll obtain a great morning smoothie.



– If it doesn’t seem « breakfast » enough for you, go on and add a bit of honey. Honey is a natural sweetener that, reasonably used cannot do harm, but if you do wear braces I recommend not using some because sugar is a really bad combination with braces, try avoiding it.

– Also, I personally like to add 1 full Orange instead of a half, it makes the smoothie more liquid and full of vitamins.

– Pay attention to your fruits and vegetables when you peel them, leaving big white skin pieces of oranges and the stem of kale make your smoothie not pleasant to drink but you can leave the stem of spinach leaves as if blends really easily.

– If you’re usually in a hurry in the morning, try preparing your morning smoothie one day before by cutting all your vegetables in advance so that you’ll only have to mix them.

Enjoy your breakfast : )


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