Blog – One year anniversary + demotivation + blogger/youtube community


Hey everybody,

It’s been a while, more than a month actually. I’ve been facing some problems the past few months and even though I tried my best to stay motivated and work hard on my blog, I finally ended up deserting it for an entire month.

I’ve started my blog one year ago, with one of my friends from the university starting hers at the same time [but she ended up not posting one single article on it] and at first I did not really believe in it. The first 6 months or so, I posted 2 or 3 articles but woke up when summer 2014 came. I am truly passionate about fashion, makeup and lots of other stuff, and I created this blog to share my knowledge and help people.

Unfortunately, the gyaru community [already small] has been disappearing these last months, and I stopped reading a few of my most inspiring magazines because the publishing house closed [you can find a short article on this subject here]. Moreover, even if I had people visiting my blog every day, no one was saying a thing to me about it, and with no comments, I had no idea how I was supposed to progress or even continue.

The internet community is becoming meaner every day. I see mean comments from people who feel the need to be mean to someone to feel better about themselves, or who allow themselves to criticize oneself’s way of living without knowing anything about him, and I wonder if I want to be a part of this. The fact that the internet is a place you can express yourself doesn’t mean you could say anything about everything, without thinking of the consequences. Because you say mean things to someone on the internet doesn’t mean it hurts less.

I continue to write my blog in English, even though most of the people that visit it are French, because I believe more people would be able to understand my ideas. Please feel free to leave comments, either on my Facebook page or in the section bellow ♥


2 réflexions sur “Blog – One year anniversary + demotivation + blogger/youtube community

  1. Hi!
    To begin I would like to say that you are really brave. I say brave because you are proud of what/who you are and this makes you even more different. You have really special taste, I mean, having a snake… I wouldn’t dare because that’s awful to me… x). However your advices are always sure and I like reading your posts (even though your English isn’t always perfect, but mine isn’t either so that makes us even right?)…
    But, if you don’t want people to criticize don’t give them the opportunity to do so OR just let it fly. By asserting your taste in fashion and make up in a blog you become “public” and you have to be aware that the world isn’t a fairytale (Well, you probably know that already). People are mean, people are stupid and people would do everything to crush you down and saying “you are mean, stop it” isn’t going to change a thing… Just say FUCK YOU ALL (rude I know… but clearly you feel so much better then). You don’t have to justify yourself because that makes you weak (which obviously your are not). If you stop writing in your blog for a month that’s just your choice and people should adapt to the situation instead of raging about it. You don’t live for them, you live for YOURSELF and the same goes with the content of your blog. It is YOUR blog just as it is YOUR life !
    Anyway, I wish you luck and hope to read you soon..

    • Thanks for posting a comment, I was super happy when I saw it. I don’t really care about people criticizing me you know, I am who I am and if people don’t like it well.. To bad for them. But I just don’t see the point on being mean to someone for no reason. Clearly, these people need to get a life, and need help.
      Still I really want to be serious about my blog but getting inspired is sometimes quite hard!
      I will continue to do my best 🙂

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