Fall 2014 Trends – Boots, Boots, Boots

Hey guys,

The weather is becoming a bit difficult those last days, we even had a lot of rain in the South of France, so I had to resign myself to say bye to my wonderful sandals and hello to boots.

Several different trends can be identified when talking about boots. The moto boots has been super trendy last year, and the ankle bootie the year before, and still are, but there’s more and more appearences of the stacked heel nowadays. I prefer over the knee boots, because they keep me warm and look really femine and creators this year have not disapointed us in creating boots that are both rainy-day proof and stylish:

Dr. Martens Boots: 180E

ZARA Boots: 89.95E

TOPSHOP Boots: 180E

H&M Boots: 29.99E

New Rock Boots: 382.60E

Boots can really be worn with everything and anything so go on and have fun with fashion.

Would you dare to wear New Rock boots?


Fall 2014 Trends – Leopard/Animal Prints

Hey guys,

On this episode of Fall 2014 Trends we will be talking about Leopard prints

Yes I am aware « Sping Fashion » is written on it, but this cover of Harper’s Bazaar cannot be ignored.

It can be really tricky to wear leopard prints because they usually tends to slide to the vulgar side of fashion if you don’t pay attention to what you’re matching them with. I’ve personnaly always liked wearing leopard prints, even if my boyfriend hates me wearing them. Here are some pieces of leopard prints I find fine:

Weekday Blouse: 40E

Urban Outfitters Sandals: 62.98E


Weeday Skirt: 45E

TOPSHOP Wallet: 28E

I would totally avoid wearing anything too short or colours with this print. Black is the best « colour » to go with, and go easy on accessories.

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Foam Cleanser Review – Kiko VS Nivea



Hey guys,

As you might already know, my skincare routine [and lots of things in general] are inspired by Korea and Japan. A foam cleanser is a cleanser and a makeup remover at the same time. You can find it in gel form and make it become foam thanks to water, or already as a foam. It is not very popular in France, and I’ve been dredding the day it will finally appear in our drugstores. Kiko was my first foam cleanser bought in France, and having finished it recently I tried the Nivea one [two versions, one for normal skintype and one for sensible].




6.90E = resonnable.

(Too) gentle on the skin.

Clear and simple packaging.



Light mousse, which means you need to use more and can’t use a face brush with it.

Does not clear your skin at 100%. Which means you really need to double cleanse it.

Contains sodium hydroxide



4.79E on amazon = super cheap.

Dense mousse which enables me to use my face brush ♥

Wash really well everything off

Contains Almond oil



Still a little bit to harsh for my sensitive skin

Smells like house cleansers

Contains perfume



I can definitly say that Kiko’s mousse really is more gentle than Nivea’s one, even if it is specially made for sensitive skin, I still think it’s a little bit rough. Even though, Nivea really cleanse your skin better. With Kiko I never felt like my skin was absolutely clean or makeup-free which can really be a big problem on long term relationship ; )

Fall 2014 Trends – Military

Hey guys,

Even though this trend has been going for ages, the F/W military trend is back this time again.

As I like to dress with an edgy style mixing this trend with my usual wardrobe is super easy for me. But for those who are afraid of looking too bold in military clothes, try accessories! It may mean nothing to you but less is more and military accessories can boost up your look.

H&M Overall: 19.99E

New Rock Boots: 386.51E

MANGO Blouse: 44.99E

Zara Umbrella: 16.95E

Forever21 Purse: 3.95E

Try mixing some pieces with black or brown clothes for something simple and edgy. If you want something bolder you can always pair military prints with white!

I always liked seeing the military trend on others but never actually dared to rock it. Do you?