Heels Height – My honest opinion

Hey guys,

I’ve been recently reading some articles about which heel height should you wear depending on the occasion and some of these articles seemed a little bit extreme to me. So first, let me tell you a bit about my opinion on heels height:


Small heels = Less than 5 centimeters

Normal heels = Between 8 and 10~12 centimeters [depending on the shoe]

High heels = Above 12 centimeters

Wedges heels = Never high enough


This might seem weird to some of you [not those that personally know me] but I prefer a good 15cm wedges than a kitten heels [I don’t even own one pair under 6 centimeters]. We are not talking about health or comfort here, but if you don’t dare wearing high heels just because you think that’s too hard, think about the fact that a 12cm heel with 4cm of platform isn’t higher than a 8cm with none. Practice makes perfect. And if you don’t wear high heels just because you’re tall, well let me tell you that tall women do not look ridiculous with high heel, they look elegants.


Anyway, it is apparently said that you should not wear heels over 6centimeters when you go to Work. After talking to my boyfriend about it [who disaprove me wearing high heels] he told me that, listening to his workmates he learned that wearing heels over 6centimeters [or so] was seen as bad in the workplace. That the woman who wear over 6centimeters heels is concidered either as sexy or provocant! I needed to make a point here:

[For instance, you could pair these nice black suede pumps with a pair of black slim and a white blouse.]


Wearing high heels can either make you look stupid, or make you look powerful. You can want to wear a mini skirt with 15centimeters stilettos but you should not do it. You can wear high heels at work if:

– You wear something that is under the knee and cover your chest

– You do not wear a whole skin-tight outfit

– You do not wear more than 12cm and choose them dark blue, black or nude/beige

– You choose them matte or suede

– You do not wear outrageous makeup


Do you think high heels are suitable for the workplace? Do not hesitate to leave a comment to give me your opinion : )


Back to School Hairstyle – Ballerina bun

Hey guys,

The Ballerina bun [or Ballet bun] seems to be a huge trend on fall 2014 runways [as creative ponytails on which I’ll probably do a tutorial]. Not only is it quick and easy to make, it is also a really popular hairstyle amongs korean and japanese celebrities since ages. We’re not only talking here about the sleek & neat ballerina bun, even the messy and slightly braided ones are allowed. I choose four videos to help you learn how to create a cool Ballerina Bun for your back to school so just enjoy watching (^_^)


The curly « fan » bun:


The straight « classic twist » bun:


The sleek and sporty bun [or using a sock and a toothbrush]:


The braided bun:


You can also try to do a creative ponytail, braided hairstyle. Also if you want a radical change without having to do anything complicated, you can still try parting your hair in the middle. Having your hair part in the middle really makes your face change and gives it a younger appearence so try thinking about it ; ).

Bye ♥


My Snake – Erys

Hey guys,


As some of you might know I’m an animal lover [the right way]. If I had lots of money and the space for it I would have tons and tons of them. Unfortunately I live in a 2rooms appartement. The 30 of July was my nameday and my boyfriend decided to buy me a snake as a gift.
One of his friend gave us his ancient terrarium [thanks Chris!] so we set up everything and went to get our snake yesterday. I’ve been visiting several petshops in advance to have an idea of which one I’d like best, as for us the temper was the most important thing. We ended up going to Animalis [unfortunately they don’t have any reptile infos on their website].


We wanted to get a male, because male usually grow smaler, but we really liked better the temper of females. It took us aproximately 30minutes to decide between an Elaphe SP Albinos and a Elaphe Phantom, as the colour of the albinos might change we finally decided to get the phantom. Her colours are a mix between grey and cream. She’s really fair but has dark eyes.

The first time the pet seller took her in his hand she would just stay calm but the second time she got affraid of him because she didn’t see him comming and bite him several times! Fortunately she’s so small you could not even see the bite on the seller’s hand.

We still decided to get her and are pleased to tell you that she’s really really sweet! She immidiately loved her home [even if she’s always sleeping under her woodchips] and enjoy being manipulated. After only 2 days she already trusts me enough to wrap herself around my wrist and stop moving. As for Heaven [my persian], she has not even noticed her while Erys seems to be curious about that white fluffy plush.

2014_08_19_12_53_41Finding a name for her was really hard, it took us hours! We already had thought about a name for a male snake but had no idea for a female, and my boyfriend is really picky. We choose the name « Erys » because of the goddess « Eris ». She’s the Goddess of Discord and notably appears in the anime movie « Simbad ». She basically likes messing things up but always keeps that calm and smile.


Bye : D

Beach Wear – OOTD

Hey guys,

I went to the beach the other day and throw on an outfit both edgy and easy to take off. I know it looks pretty simple but I like to be at ease and still look fashionable.



Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Crop Top: Jennyfer [5Euros]

Short: Kiabi [9.99Euros]

Swimsuit: Ebay [~10Euros]

Shoes: Claire’s [5Euros? Bought them 8 years ago]



And here’s a close up of my face.



For my hair I did a messy knotted braid. As for my make up I only put Concealer, Mascara, Lip tint and Baby Lips. I really don’t like to put heavy makeup on when I go to the beach.


Bye : )

I Died My Hair ! – L’Oréal Perfect Mousse 500 Review

Hey guys.

I’ve recently decided to go back to my natural hair colour, after many many years of colouring. Lately, I’ve had my hair half vibrant red for approximately 3 years. Red being a really hard colour to maintain I had to do my permanent colour, containing peroxide, every 3 months and a semi permanent colour [Crazy Color in Fire] every month. I did not bleach my hair but the colour still needed to be used with peroxyde so they still were a little bit bleached.



My hair when I just coloured it.



My hair after 5 Months of not colouring it


I’ve been colouring my hair since I was 14, and they’ve gone through dark blue, platinium blond, jet black to reddish pink. I finally decided a few weeks earlier to go back to my real hair colour, but because of the bleach and the red colour, I needed to colour them to go back to natural . . . Am I clear ?


My natural hair colour is a really dark chestnut with slightly red undertones on the top and proeminent red undertone on the bottom. Choosing the hair dye I would use was really hard because I was afraid of getting a colour too light, which meant having to do my roots [which would ruin my intentions] or getting a colour too dark and loosing my natural red undertones.

I finally came up with L’Oréal Mousse Absolue in 500. I was affraid of getting a result that would be dull and a lack of shading but the result was absolutely amazing. I got back my real hair colour.


Here is a how the box look like, the packaging looks really nice and classy.



And here is what you find inside of it :


  1. A notice [nothing special about it]
  2. Your colouring tool [You only have to shake it to activate the product, no more mixing !]
  3. Enough hair mask for 6 weeks ! ! [that is so much considering what you usually get]
  4. A reusable and washable tip [ ! ]
  5. Two pair [2 !] of black super comfy and cool gloves


First, let me tell you about the quantity. My hair are super duper long. They go down to my waist while « long » hair are usually concidered as ending at the top of the chest, after your shoulders. It was said on the box that you could have two full applications of the colour with one box for short hair [since it is reusable, I mean … What ? Re-u-sa-ble ? That’s so damn cool !] and one application for long hair. Having very long hair I bought two boxes. Each of them being approximately 15Euros [which at first I found expensive], that is a total of more than 30Euros to get my hair done at home.

Then I oppened the box and found out about the mask and understood why the box was pricy. Even if you’re supposed to test the product for 48H hours, I did not, since I’ve been colouring my hair for 7 years every three month but I do recommend testing the product. The product was really easy to prepare and my Mom is the one who applied it a first. She found it pretty easy to use but thought it would even be better with a colouring brush, then she started panicating because, as the mousse was white, the colour wouldn’t show at first and I continued colouring my hair myself. So I put on one of those pair of gloves, which are really comfy [hopefully there was two of them since my Mom used one !]. The mousse texture was really easy to apply. I used the whole bottle on my hair and wasn’t short on it, there was just enough product to do my WHOLE head, even though the lengh of my hair !


I have a sensitive scalp and did not feel any itches at all [not even a tiny little as it usually happens when you go to the hair dresser]. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Rince it clear [by the way, the water ends up to finally turn clear which is pretty rare, or maybe I’m just to use to take RED BLOOD BATH because of my usual hair colour ..]. Apply the mask, rince it. And TADAAAAAAAAAAM. My hair looked amazing. They have a really healthy shine, the colour looks absolutely as my real hair colour would. My colour did not loose these red undertones, even on the top.



And here is the result:


The lightening obviously makes the hair appear more or less red/light, but the point is, there is no more dark brunette -> orange demarcation anymore.



Pros :

  • Amazing colour, lots of shading
  • Looks really natural
  • Re-u-sa-ble / Enough quantity for super long hair
  • Great hair mask in the box
  • Really easy to use
  • OK for sensitive scalp

Cons :

  • Expensive [15Euros, but worth it]
  • Care of the fumes of the mousse ! As it is not a liquid product, it does have fumes that can be dangerous for your eyes, so make sure to not approach them near to your eyes.


Hope you enjoyed this review : )


PS: All the pictures are mine for once : D