Top 5 Summer Essentials

Hey guys,

Summer has begin for a while now and as it is hot and sunny we tend to think less about how fragile is our skin and hair and wonder which kind of makeup to use, as we can’t bear having a full face of makeup melting under the sun. So here is a list of some products you might want to conciderate using (^___^).


  1. Sunscreen


Here is a picture of a simulation of someone’s skin after ages of puting sunscreen on, and not putting sunscreen on.

Sunscreen is definitly the most important product to use in summer, and in other seasons ! I know way too much people that wear not enough, or no sunscreen at all thinking that, if the sun isn’t blinding you, there’s no need for sunscreen. Actually, uva radiations are the number one cause of accelerating the process of aging of your skin.

I like using a different sunscreen for my face and my body, because they don’t need to same amount of hydratation and a sunscreen can make you oily really fast. Don’t forget to protect yourself [seems like I’m talking about aids ..] before having fun. There even exist sunscreen that you can put over your makeup and lipbalm with SPF (O_O) ! !


  1. Hair Serum


As for your skin, your hair gets really damages in summer by the sun, the salt of the sea, chlorine and stuffs. Using a hair serum helps restoring the health of your hair. I like to apply it after washing my hair when they are nearly dry to give them some boost of shining and health, focusing the product on the ends of my hair, but you can apply a little bit every night before going to sleep if your hair are really damage. Also, if you’re affraid of having your hair into a bunch of nots after waking up, don’t forget to tie them in a braid before going to sleep.


  1. BB cream


As I said before, wearing makeup in summer is really challenging. I try wearing as little makeup as possible and as rarely as I can. A good alternative to your usual fondation [even if I nearly don’t use any foundation at all since I’ve been falling in love with BBs] is BB Cream. BB Creams [Blemish Balm Cream and not « Bébé Crème » ..] are usually lighter than foundations, they have a dewy finish, which is very natural in summer, and have a creamy texcture, even in the case of BB powders. If often contain SPF which makes your skin even more protected !


  1. Lip Tint or Tinted Lipbalm


An easy way to have long lasting wearable tinted lips is lip tint and lipbalm. They’re both really handy as you can usually use them both for your lips and your cheeks [I’m crazy with double-use products] and leave your lips a natural tint. This doesn’t mean you can’t see the difference from your actualy lip colour and the liptint, it just means it won’t look as bold as a true red lipstick. It won’t move through the day so you don’t have to worry about having to aply it again every 30 minutes and you can create with it a gradiant effect. On the other hand, lipbalm are really nutricious and still gets your lips to look amazing without even trying. You don’t even need a mirror to do your lips. And if you want a little bit more of a glamorous look, you can definitly put some lipgloss on. [Lip lackers also are a great alternative if you’re looking for a 100% bold look that won’t move].


  1. Sunglasses


Get yourself a good pair of sunglasses. And I’m not talking about these 5 or 10Euros pair of sunglasses that you can buy on the street, nope. Those glasses are really bad. First, the lenses themselves are not actually protecting you from the sun, and as far as I know, seeing is quite important. Keep in mind that a good pair of sunglasses never has « protects for uvs » written on it. Then, the frames are so light and of a bad quality material that your optician won’t be able to put true lenses on them, and it eventually breaks easily. So I know how tempting these are, but shouldn’t you invest in your health rather than in fashion ?


Hope you enjoyed it.