Shower Gel/Cream – The perfect list

Hey guys,
Today I wanted to talk to you about showel gels!

When I was little I used to take baths everyday, no shower [don’t judge me if you take your shower during 15 minutes, taking a shower that long actually uses as much water as a bath]. I really loved it, it enabled me to relax, and I would sometimes use essential oils or LUSH bath bombs to make it fancier.
When I got my first appartement, I had no bathtub, just a shower and I’ve had to get used to use the shower instead of the bathtub. I thought taking a shower was really unpleasant, it was not relaxing to me, until I found some really cool scented shower gel and now, I can also relax and enjoy the time I spend in the shower [even though it’s just 5 minutes].

I personally like to have 4 different scents of shower gel:

THE BODY SHOP – Gel Douche Fuji Green Tea

The fresh one: During a hot day or to wake up in the morning.
Smells like: Green tea, citrus, sea, lemon, cucumber, mint

LUSH – Prince Charming

The candy one: On any occasion because I love fruity and candy smells. But specially at night or when I feel like I would eat a pastry.
Smells like: Sweets (marshmallow, bubblegum) or cake (tarte tatin), berries (strawberry, rasbery, blueberry), chocolate, honey

Le Bain – Oolong tea shower gel

The wintery one: During autumn and winter and eventually at night
Smells like: white musk, black tea, tangerine, orange blossom,
red vine

Anatomicals – You Need A Blooming Shower Rose Shower Gel

The floral one: If I’m feeling « Romantic ».
Smells like: Roses, camelias, ortensias.

Tell me what is your current favorite shower product !

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Hair Care – 5 Tips to Longer, Stronger and Volumized Hair

IMG_0021(down to my hips)

1. Wash your hair properly: Shampoo your roots and condition your ends. Deep condition once per week [coating them in oil or mask].

2. Let your hair dry naturally, if not, always use heat protectant. Preferably, let your hair dry while your roots are upwards to create volume and avoid any heating tools.

3. To keep your hair tangle free and volumized: put your hair up [but not tightly tied] whenever you can. I always have my hair in a bun when I’m at home or in the traffic, it has changed my hair’s life.

4. Keep a healthy life style, even though this is not always something you have much power on, living a healthy life style by avoiding smoking [tehe .. 8D], eating healthy food [avocado, salmon, …etc], getting a good amount of sleep and doing sport will do a tremendous change on your hair/skin/nails and happiness 🙂

5. Prefer a layered cut. I have really really long hair [almost to my hips], and the longer they are, the more they wheight. To avoid flat hair and still keep your lenght, ask your hairdresser for long layers.

IMG_0098how my hair looks in direct light [natural colour]

I have a lot of other tips on growing out your hair but, for now, mine needs a cut! Would you like a tutorial on how to cut your hair yourself?

Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick Review – Rouge Pur Couture 39 / Pourpre Divin

[If you’re wondering why, it’s the year of the sheep! designed by anhiee]

Hey guys,

It’s been a while as usual so first of all: Happy New Year everbody : D ! ! 2015 WOHOOO.

Okay now, you have to know I’m obsessed with lipstick. Specially high brand ones. I do not own tons of them but my favourite so far is Lune Rousse from Chanel, which is a really really dark red with no brown undertones. Just red. I’ve always liked dark or bold lips [I don’t own any Lime Crime lipsticks but I’d definitely love them] and have never been satisfied by not high end products.

This winter I started seeing pictures of dark violet [they call it plum but .. ? It’s more like violet to me] lips:

I immediately thought:

So my Mom and I went on a journey, and each time we crossed a makeup store we would spend hours trying to find that perfect dark violet/plum lipstick I saw. Even the employee of MAC [and you know how MAC has awesome bold colours] told me he could not help me finding the perfect lipstick. After studying the pictures a bit I realised the colour was probably a combinaition of a pencil + a lipstick, and I had myself a dark plum pencil but we could not find a great lipstick.

Finally, one day, after months of researches, we found a tester of Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Pur Couture 39. My mom and I had to do three different Sephora stores to find one because no store was actually ordering it for clients as no clients would buy it!

[Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures but it seems like my phone wouldn’t focus!]




This is the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture 39 / Pourpre Divin Lipstick. It’s a really beautiful autumn/winter colour, 95% violet and 5% plum. I would not recommend using this lipstick with no lip pencil under it because it would turn a tiny bit sheer and a bit more plum [which I personally dislikes]. It costs ~33.00Euros which is very similar to all high brand lipsticks. It’s also quite hydrating. It has to be reapplied approximately twice during the day and it has more of a creamy formula, but it’s no pearly or shiny.

This is definitly one of my favorite products of 2014! Thanks Mom if you’re reading this.

Tell me, what is your favorite lipstick ever?

Eating Healthy – Smoothie recipe for breakfast, good for braces !

Hey guys,

So I recently got braces. Even though I’m 21, it’s my first time getting some. I really try to eat as healthy as possible [I go to the fast food once a month] and I love smoothies so getting braces was the perfect timing for me to try making some. I hope this recipe will be helpful, do not hesitate to try it out, even though putting lettuce forms in your smoothie seems weird at first, it actually tastes great : )


For 1 Morning Smoothie:

– 1/2 to 1 Orange, cut and peeled

– 1/2 peeled Banana

– 1 peeled Kiwi

– 1 Handful of kale/spinach leaves

=> Mix all that and you’ll obtain a great morning smoothie.



– If it doesn’t seem « breakfast » enough for you, go on and add a bit of honey. Honey is a natural sweetener that, reasonably used cannot do harm, but if you do wear braces I recommend not using some because sugar is a really bad combination with braces, try avoiding it.

– Also, I personally like to add 1 full Orange instead of a half, it makes the smoothie more liquid and full of vitamins.

– Pay attention to your fruits and vegetables when you peel them, leaving big white skin pieces of oranges and the stem of kale make your smoothie not pleasant to drink but you can leave the stem of spinach leaves as if blends really easily.

– If you’re usually in a hurry in the morning, try preparing your morning smoothie one day before by cutting all your vegetables in advance so that you’ll only have to mix them.

Enjoy your breakfast : )

Christmas – 9 Gift Ideas : )

Hey guys,

How are you all doing? It’s two weeks from Christmas and I thought it would be useful to write a small gift guide. Enjoy : )

1. For Moms that never find their keys – Wistiki 24.90E

Wistiki is a little device you can attach to your keys/car/friends. Then all you’ve got to do is use the android application Wistiki to find them! This is a brilliant gift to give anyone you know that has problems finding stuffs : )

2. For someone who’s fabulous – Kigurumi Hello Kitty Leopard 69.90E

OMGOIAZEOIBNOIVBPAIBIEB .. Okay maybe not that particular one, but « Kigurumi » or « Onesie » are super hot for the winter and particularly comfy so if you know someone that’s super frilly like I am, that may be a good idea. There’s also some for man!

3. For your aunt that you like but do not really know – Durance Candle 15.50E

Everybody loves a scented candle, especially during cold times. Even though 15Euros seems to be very expensive for a candle it’s always a great gift.

4. For your sister that just begun to start putting make up on – L’Oréal Volume Millions de Cils 15.50E

This gift is not expensive at all and known for its quality. As long as I remember, Mascara is the very first makeup product I put, because my mom ALWAYS wears some. This one looks really expensive and the colours of the packaging really puts you into the Christmas spirit.

5. For your father/grand-father or boyfriend – Happy Socks 36E

First of all, this is a great gift because a man never has enough socks. Men wear a lot more closed shoes than we do [who has ever seen an open toe shoe for men?]. Moreover, the special packaging and wintering feeling will warm the one you give this to.

6. For the series addict – A Game of Thrones Mug 14.90E

Game of Thrones has gone viral but it can basically be any series. That’s a gift that is super useful for all the warming chocolate lovers out there. This particular mug is absolutely beautiful, the design is of great quality. You can also find some other mugs that are a bit more fun if they’re heat reactive.

7. For the indoors – A fur plaid 40.50E

If I could I would cover my whole apartement with plaids! I already have two, hopefully, and they keep me super warm during the whole winter. Fur plaids look specially classy, on my opinion, compare to regular throws, and they feel like you’re hugged by a giant plush!

8. For the busy women – On the Run Urban Decay Palette 49E

Choosing a makeup palette for someone can sometimes be very delicate because of the variety of colours. With this new Urban Decay palette you’re sure not to be wrong and that the busy women will have everything handy with them without having to carry a whole makeup bag!

9. For the geeks – Star Wars sticks 12.90E

With the new Star Wars movie coming, you can’t make a mistake by buying these to your beloved geek. And the cool stuff about it is that there’s a variety of it so that you can choose the laser sword of your favorite character! [even Dark Maul]

Are you excited about Christmas?

Circle Lens – My opinion on Pinky Paradise / Black Friday Sales

Hey guys,

Pinky Paradise is a circle lenses store that has been opened for years now. I have ordered from them quite a few times and have always been delivered in approximately 2 weeks. The prices are quite reasonable [even though I found better] and they often have sales.

It is a good store because of the security it provides you, as it has a special anti-fake lenses policy. It ships worldwide, your payment is secure and they give you a free super cute lens case for every pair that you buy! [I have 20 different animals/macaron cases ;__;]

They have a very large choice of colours, brands, patterns and /!\ of corrections. Which is super great if, like me, you’re kind of blind [well not really but .. meh, you’ve understood].

Pinky Paradise is currently having a 50% sale on a few different pairs which means the lenses cost less than 10.50Euros ! ! It will stop on December the 9th so you have plenty of time to enjoy the sale.

All you have to do is enter the code « PPBlackFriday2014 » when you’re completing your order.

I hope you enjoyed that news ♥

Blog – One year anniversary + demotivation + blogger/youtube community


Hey everybody,

It’s been a while, more than a month actually. I’ve been facing some problems the past few months and even though I tried my best to stay motivated and work hard on my blog, I finally ended up deserting it for an entire month.

I’ve started my blog one year ago, with one of my friends from the university starting hers at the same time [but she ended up not posting one single article on it] and at first I did not really believe in it. The first 6 months or so, I posted 2 or 3 articles but woke up when summer 2014 came. I am truly passionate about fashion, makeup and lots of other stuff, and I created this blog to share my knowledge and help people.

Unfortunately, the gyaru community [already small] has been disappearing these last months, and I stopped reading a few of my most inspiring magazines because the publishing house closed [you can find a short article on this subject here]. Moreover, even if I had people visiting my blog every day, no one was saying a thing to me about it, and with no comments, I had no idea how I was supposed to progress or even continue.

The internet community is becoming meaner every day. I see mean comments from people who feel the need to be mean to someone to feel better about themselves, or who allow themselves to criticize oneself’s way of living without knowing anything about him, and I wonder if I want to be a part of this. The fact that the internet is a place you can express yourself doesn’t mean you could say anything about everything, without thinking of the consequences. Because you say mean things to someone on the internet doesn’t mean it hurts less.

I continue to write my blog in English, even though most of the people that visit it are French, because I believe more people would be able to understand my ideas. Please feel free to leave comments, either on my Facebook page or in the section bellow ♥